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People keep saying what has Robin Williams contributed to your life… you know what he contributed to my life? he contributed happiness and joy… The movies I’ve watched with him in it has brought me laughter and im sure that is what he has brought to many others who also did not know him personally. Yes there are serious event taking place where innocent people are losing their lives, and showing love and respect to an actor who is now gone is not going to take away from acknowledging someone who has passed away. If you don’t care so what! Stop complaining about people caring about more than one issue. He was a person too, and with it being a possible suicide this is a good time to bring awareness to those who are depressed and are contemplating suicide. Depression is real and it deserves to be acknowledged. I never say anything when people start talking mess but I just figured I would say something today because having personally experiencing depression it is real and I can’t imagine feeling so low that life is not worth living.

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